What is Tantric Sex?

Tantric sex has many names in today 's culture: spiritual sex, sacred sexuality, spiritual union, and others. However, a common denominator in all these names is that they all relate to some level of spirituality.

Tantric sex is indeed related to your spiritual well-being because even though you are engaging in the sexual act, the purpose is not really to reach orgasm but to unite with your lover in ALL possible aspects. To put it simply, tantra lovemaking is not about intercourse per se, it 's about uniting or fusing together your bodies, and in the process connect with your partner in mind, body and spirit.

Tantric Sex History

Tantric sex has its roots in India some 4,000 years ago, where it was viewed as - what else - a spiritual tradition. It started to be known in the West in the early 1800s but it never really had a tremendously huge following.

However, in the late 1960s, a rebirth of the practice was reaching new heights in India and this led to its consequent re-emergence in Western culture. Today, tantric sex awakening is reaching an all-time high because you now also have such high profile couples advocating the benefits of tantric sex. For instance, when Sting mentioned on Oprah that he and his wife Trudie engage in tantric sex, which enable them to experience 'five or six or seven hours of lovemaking', the whole world wanted to find out what tantric sex is all about!

As mentioned, tantric sex is not just about 's ex', it involves many things: tantric breathing, tantric sexual massage, creating a scared tantric place, meditation, prolonging sexual intercourse, and even tantric after play. All of these have a special purpose in tantric lovemaking.

Tantric Sex vs. 'Normal' Sex

The main difference between tantric sex and lovemaking as we commonly view it today is this: reaching an orgasm. With regular sex, you have a goal - to reach your climax and that 's it. However, since men and women have different needs, more often than not, one of them (mostly women) do NOT reach their sexual goal (climaxing) and so there is a lot of pent up sexual frustration in today 's relationships. It is thus no wonder that a lot of relationships have underlying stresses.

Consider these common scenarios.

- He reaches his orgasm but she never does, resulting in sexual frustration for her.
- He 's a very caring guy and wants her to experience sexual pleasure but it takes her a long time to 'come' and so it 's building up performance anxiety and sexual frustration for him.

In contrast, Tantric sex is not about reaching an orgasm. It 's about union. The main purpose is to connect with your lover in all aspects: heart, mind, body and soul. Does this mean you don't reach an orgasm with Tantric lovemaking? Of course not!

On the contrary, Tantric sex practitioners swear that they have never had more body-rocking and mind-blowing orgasms before they tuned into to Tantra sex. So don't worry; you're in for A LOT of sexual pleasure with this form of spirituality.

Getting Started with Tantric Sex

The best way to get started with Tantric sex is to start slowly. Begin by viewing your sex partner in a different light. Try to see her as a goddess, a sexual playmate that you hold in the highest regard, and that making love to her is not just about physical pleasure in your groin area but about ecstasy in all aspects of your being.

Try this exercise: get a piece of paper and list down all the beautiful qualities or everything you like about your woman. Some men like to list down everything, even 'great cook!' or 'best woman driver I know' because, according to them, it helps them appreciate her more. Others, however, prefer to just list down sexually-related aspects such as 'I love how her hair sways when she 's on top of me', or 's he has the best looking ass I know'. Write down whatever aspect you feel like listing that will make you see her in a whole new light. Whatever works for you!

After creating your list, look over it and then close your eyes and revel in each of these qualities. Now, picture making love to her. Don't you see her now more than just someone to reach an orgasm with?

Lastly, people who engage in Tantric sex love it because 'things just keep on getting better'. Tantric lovemaking believes in this doctrine: practice, practice, practice! Yet at the same time, Tantric sex provides immediate improvements in your sex and spiritual life. So go try it. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

About the Author

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